• Sundried tomato sauce (for anything!)

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    This recipe is a fabulous, simply and no cook tomato sauce that goes well with anything! Including pizza, lasagne, pasta, salads, crackers – you name it!

    sauce served two

    Growing up, I always used pasta sauce to cook, not just for my famed pasta and sauce with cheese recipes, but for anything.

    zuch'sMaking pasta, use pasta sauce. Pizza? Pasta sauce. Lasagne? Pasta sauce. Minestrone soup? Pasta sauce. Nachos? Pasta sauce.

    Well, you get the idea.tomatoes in blender above

    So when we went sugar free we quickly realised almost every store bought pasta sauce had sugar in it as well as a whole host of other nasties. Noooo!!!

    My world was understandably shattered. What would we eat? How would I cook?
    zuch spaghetti

    Well, eventually I found a great store bought organic, normal ingredient-ed sauce. It was leagues above what I used to eat. How did I ever live? Why did I not know of this sauce sooner? It changed my life (well, ok, maybe not quite anything that extreme).

    BUT. It was expensive. So sure, I bought it, but I wasn’t about to start using as much as I used too.sauce and blender

    Then a friend came over to our house bearing this sundried tomato sauce over zucchini spaghetti. Now THIS sauce may have just changed my life. If the other sauce was better then my old pasta sauces, this sauce is that much better again. It’s got so much flavour as a result  of the sundried tomato, onion and garlic. It’s no cook (=easy cleaning and fast). And most importantly it goes with anything! Seriously.

    It also freezes well. Oh the convienience!

    sauce served above

    And it’s practically allergen free! Although for people that are sensitive to nightshades, this much tomato is probably not a good idea. The sauce is full of tomato which is full of antioxidants, particularly one used for bone health. They are also full of vitamin C, A and K (among others) and have been linked to heart health. Yay! The cold pressed olive oil is also an amazing healthy fat (high in antioxidants and an anti-inflammatory). Though beware of overheating it too much, as it causes it to go bad and it will lose a lot of it’s beneficial properties.

    Sundried tomato sauce (for anything!)

    Makes about 1 litre, Adapted from Karen Medbury (adapted from Elaina Love)


    200g sun dried tomato (or semi dried) – soak for an hour if desired for a smoother consistency

    2-4 dates, pitted (I prefer medjool) – soak for an hour if desired

    2 cloves garlic

    1/4 onion

    2 tbsp tamari (coconut aminos or soy sauce)

    2 tsp sea salt (I love celtic sea salt or pink himalayan rock salt)

    2 tsp dried mixed herbs (oregano and basil)

    1kg fresh tomato

    1 cup cold pressed olive oil (I have successfully reduced this by up to half, but it is best as is)

    1 small chilli


    Place all ingredients in a blender (or food processor) and blend until smooth. Serve with everything.

    Notes and suggestions: use fresh herbs instead of dried. Add extra chilli for a hot sauce. Add extra garlic. Make lots and store in the freezer in small containers until needed (it can be thawed or microwaved, though thawing is my preference).


    Do you have any recipes that you use in everything?


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