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    Tacos. The word creates memories of delicious-ness. Of a crunchy shell, hot spicy beans, ooey-gooey melted cheese, a fresh finish with lettuce… all topped with one of my favourite foods—sour cream. Yum!taco close up

    Of course, I also have memories of cutting my mouth up with the taco shell trying to eat it quickly, desperate not to lose my fillings out the end. I even remember taking plain taco shells to school once for lunch. No fillings in sight. Of course that was my choice, I got over sandwiches by about grade three (I suspect there is a correlation between me having to pack my own lunch and getting over sandwiches).taco and fillings

    But back to tacos. I don’t actually know if I ever really had “real” Mexican food when I was young. I only ever went to one Mexican restaurant growing up and I ordered corn chips with melted cheese. Delicious mind you, but hardly anything exotic. I still remember my surprise when in university I ordered a burrito that had rice and fresh lime juice, I’d never seen that before. They were a fantastic addition! Since then I must admit I’ve been a bit obsessed by lime in everything.salsa

    The last few weeks I’ve been wanting to try more raw recipes. One of my friends has been eating a fair bit of raw, or living, food and has kindly shared some with me. It’s just so light and fresh and flavour packed. So given my current obsession with trying more raw recipes combined with my love of Mexican and some convenient ideas from some great blogs, I settled on raw tacos. And my oh my did they deliver. A crunchy (but not mouth-shredding) shell, a spicy walnut mince, fresh bright salsa, smooth guacamole all topped with a creamy cashew sour cream.

    taco partly filled

    Believe me when I say you must make these.

    After eating them for dinner and lunch, Gareth has declared them his favourite meal so far and is demanding that they are made more often. Despite all the separate components to this dish, it is super simple, so he might just get his wish.taco fillings close up

    Now for the good bits. It is gluten free, vegan, raw and dairy free and bound to impress anyone (after all, they look fabulous!). The walnuts are a great brain food, it’s packed with healthy fats from the nuts, avocado and cold-pressed olive oil and despite its fresh taste, it will keep you full for ages.

    The only thing that could improve them, was that lime…lots of tacos

    Spicy raw tacos

    Makes 10, Adapted from My New Roots and Roost


    Taco shells

    1 large purple cabbage (or normal cabbage, or spinach leaves, or other leafy vegetable), leaves seperated and washed


    Walnut mince

    2 cups walnuts

    1 tbsp chilli flakes

    1 tbsp cumin

    1 tbsp paprika

    2 tbsp coconut aminos (tamari or soy sauce)


    Place everything in the food processor until it resembles mince. Don’t go too long, or it will resemble a nut butter!


    Cashew Sour cream

    1 cup cashews

    Juice of 1 lemon

    1 tsp apple cider vingar

    ¼ cup water, plus more if desired


    Place everything in the food processor until it turns to a cashew cream. Add more water and process until you make it the consistency you want.


    Fresh tomato salsa

    3-4 tomatoes, roughly diced

    1 bunch coriander (cilantro), roughly chopped

    ¼ brown onion (or ½ Spanish, or a few green ones), finely diced

    Drizzle cold pressed olive oil

    1 tsp raw honey (or maple syrup, or you could skip this if you want)

    Plus, I’d recommend some lime juice, but I haven’t tried it


    Mix all the ingredients together.



    2 small ripe avocados or 1 large ripe avocado (mine were so little!)

    Tiny bit of lemon juice (I just used some of the juice from the 1 lemon above)


    Place ingredients in a food processor or mash until smooth and creamy.


    Putting it all together

    Get a taco shell, place some walnut mince in, mound with tomato salsa, smear with guacamole and top with cashew sour cream. Eat and enjoy the explosion of fresh and slightly spicy flavour.


    Notes and suggestions: Make extra to eat for lunch the next day! These are seriously amazing and pretty fast to whip up. I didn’t even wash the food processer between making each layer! If you don’t have a food processor try a blender or stick mixer. If you can’t make all the layers these will still work! Just try it out with the layers you’ve got. That said, these rocked with all the layers. Yummo!


    What’s your favourite type of food? What was the best mexican meal you have ever eaten?



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