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    I’m still on a high from my visit to the farmers markets the other week. In fact, we’ve been every week since. The produce is so fresh and delicious!

    salad with feta

    In only three weeks, some of my favourite stall holders are even recognising me now. It’s got such a great sense of community.

    They also have other items like chemical free beauty products and seedlings. It’s literally our biggest shop of the week, meaning we only need to duck into the supermarkets for a few items. Yay!

    salad snow peas

    The produce is also so fresh and flavourful. We can get a bag of organic mixed lettuce leaves for the same price as a mixed bag from the supermarket but it’s organic and super fresh. Win! Especially given leafy greens are one of the most chemically sprayed crops.

    salad above no feta

    So letting the flavours from the markets speak for themselves, we made a super simple citrus salad. The sweet flavour of citrus with the salty feta just rocked. We’ve now been adding ┬áit to all our salads. You can put in whatever you have on hand, but it makes a delicious light and lazy lunch. Alternately, it’s also a bit fancy pants, so crack it out to impress the foody in your life.

    infused olive oil

    I could tell you what’s good about it, but leafy greens, oranges and cold pressed olive oil kind of speak for themselves. The better quality ingredients you use, the better it will taste as the ingredients really play a big role in the overall flavour.

    salad feta above

    So whip it up, relax and enjoy the sweet and tangy bursts of flavour.

    Simple citrus salad

    Serves 2 (for a light lunch), created by me


    Small bag mixed baby salad leaves, or lettuce of choice, washed

    100g snow peas (handful)

    2 oranges, peeled and sliced into chunks

    250g feta cheese, cubed

    Cold pressed olive oil (I love infused olive oil and our farmers markets sells one of my favourite local brands, I used a lime a chilli infused oil)


    Combine all ingredients except oil in a bowl. Drizzle olive oil over the top and serve.

    Notes and suggestions: add some cherry tomatoes, capsicum or cucumber. Mix it up with some vegetable spirals. Use a different infused olive oil or add some balsamic vinegar. Try using a different citrus like grapefruit or a lemonade.


    What do you eat for a lazy (healthy) lunch? What’s your favourite olive oil infusion?

    This post is part of Fightback Friday and Pennywise Platter.

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