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    I read a recipe for baked banana ice cream on The Nourishing Gourmet (from The Ice Dream Cookbook by Rachel Albert-Matesz). It looked amazing! But first, our ice cream maker hasn’t arrived yet, and second, it’s the middle of winter here. Regardless, I obsessed about baked bananas for the entire afternoon. It started out as dreams of baked bananas, then maple baked bananas, then I added maple almonds, and eventually it morphed into the delicious recipe below.Maple roasted almonds

    This recipe is perfect for an indulgent winters dessert and perfectly acceptable as an afternoon treat. I also imagine it being amazing on pancakes, waffles or a delicious sourdough for a lazy Sunday brunch. It also looks beautiful once plated up, so bring it out to impress the family.banana on tray

    And given just how tasty it is, it’s deceptively simple.

    After obsessing over these for an entire day I had planned to make them for dessert that night. Gareth had work he needed to get done on the computer and we desperately needed to do groceries, but I was adamant I would make this regardless… of course I had forgotten I needed to pick my dad up from the airport. I’d also promised to make my sister dinner as she had lots of assignments to do. In the end, I just didn’t care. I made them anyway, it was just a bit later then I’d planned by the time we got around to eating them.maple roasted bananas served

    But the reviews all came back positive. Gareth told me I could, nay, need to make them again. He then promptly made them himself two days later. He thought the only problem was that we had to share them with my sister and dad.

    My sister kept making mmmmm sounds, and was quite pleased she happened to be visiting when Gareth made the repeat performance. My dad was super impressed and thought they were delicious just as they were.

    One thing is for sure, they will be a regular on our table now.

    Maple roasted bananas

    Serves 4  Created by me (inspired by Rachel Albert-Matesz)


    3 bananas

    100g almonds (or nut of choice, I think a mix of pecans and almonds would be divine)

    4 tbsp pure maple syrup (you could use honey too but I love the wintery taste of the maple)

    Double cream, to serve (for a dairy free option use coconut cream or a lightly sweetened cashew cream)


    1. Coat almonds with 2 tbsp maple syrup  roasted in a moderate oven (175ᵒC/ 350ᵒF) for approximately 10 minutes (until caramelised and crunchy) – I used baking paper.

    2. Cut the bananas in half, then filleted and drizzle with another 2 tbsp maple syrup. Cook in a moderate oven (175ᵒC/ 350ᵒF) for approximately 10 minutes, and then flip over and cook for another 10 minutes, (until gooey and starting to caramelise). Note: times are approximate, so make sure you check up on things and cook less or longer as required).

    3. Serve 3 slices of banana with ¼ of the nuts and a generous dollop of double cream. Garnish with maple almonds and crunchy maple bits (caramelised maple toffee left on the baking paper after baking the almonds).

    4. Eat warm from the oven and feel amazing.

    Notes and suggestions: I recommend trying it plain first as I don’t know if anything else is needed, but you could also add some nutmeg, cinnamon or some vanilla bean seeds (mix with the maple syrup). You could also use different nuts or go crazy and serve it with some chocolate chunks melting into delicious puddles of cocoa goodness.


    What’s your favourite easy dessert? What would you serve with roasted bananas?

    2 Responses to Maple roasted bananas

    1. Gareth
      August 3, 2012 at 8:54 am

      Mmm reading this post makes me remember how good this actually was. I’m going to have to make it again next week. Who would have thought that maple roasted banana and almonds would taste so nice.

    2. Leah
      November 7, 2012 at 6:59 pm

      Brilliant recipe and so easy to make! Loves you Steph :o*

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