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    We are fast coming up to Christmas – one of my favourite times of  the year! What could be better then family, food and fun?

    All of the above, but with presents!

    I love presents. I love mainly buying them for someone else. There not much that’s more satisfying then buying someone a present and just knowing that you’ve nailed it. Then when you see them opening it, and their eyes light up! It doesn’t even have to be big.

    I remember I bought my sister an assortment of bells one year and packed them all in a box. I think even my parents were a bit confused, but she  loved it (she adores bells). I just knew it would be perfect for her.

    But sometimes presents aren’t that easy. Like buying for my mum. She has a standard rotation of gifts. Socks. Undies. Make up. Perfume. Repeat.

    Now when you think they are all your options, not just for Christmas, but for the entire year (Christmas, birthday and mother’s day), it sure gets old fast.

    So to help any of you that have someone you struggle to buy for, I’ve listed some gifts that a real foodie will love! If you have any ideas to add, please list it in the comments!

    Real foodie Christmas wish list

    Food related stuff

    • chocolate moulds
    • raw cacao
    • raw cocoa butter
    • Irish moss
    • manuka honey (with a UMF factor for awesome cold fighting benefits)
    • raw honey or honeycomb
    • cast iron skillet (or other cast iron pans or teapots)
    • good quality tea infuser
    • nice organic teas or herbal teas
    • grade B pure maple syrup (grade B preferable, but any pure maple syrup would be lovely)
    • good quality nut oil (preferably organic, think macadamia, almond, etc)
    • cold pressed olive oil (or an infused olive oil)
    • coconut oil
    • coconut butter
    • saffron
    • food grade or therapeutic grade essential oils (make sure your read up on essential oils before using them)
    • NuNaturals liquid stevia
    • natural plant based food dyes (organic if possible, or make your own)
    • organic vanilla beans
    • good quality vanilla essence (or make your own)
    • cheese cloth
    • spiraliser or julienne peeler
    • a good natural sugar free jam (or make your own)
    • homemade or good quality spice mixes
    • for a lavish gift an excalibur dehydrator, slow cooker, blender or food processor
    • water filter
    • find a local canner who make natural chutneys or salsas, in Australia I’ve found Misty Springs, two of their products the tomato chutney and tomato salsa are sugar free and all natural. Yum! I like the chutney best!
    • Excalibur dehydrator paraflex/teflex sheets
    • metal Excalibur dehydrator trays
    • glass drink bottle
    • homemade cookies, candies or slices
    • homemade frozen meals (like lasagne, or casseroles etc)

    General gifts

    • natural body products (homemade, or a good brand, I LOVE Dindi Naturals… all good ingredients and they smell amazing)
    • little jars/bottles/spray bottles/rollers to put homemade beauty products in (preferably glass and somewhat pretty, but any are fine)
    • a natural sunscreen (can be homemade)
    • soap nuts (can buy online or at some health food stores)
    • natural cleaning products
    • lovely woolen or silk clothing items (my favourite fabrics)

    Books (Ok, you got me… so many of these happen to be food related too….)

    Please note, I haven’t read these all yet and don’t necessarily agree with everything they say, but I want to read them and I’m sure many real foodies would be interested too (if they haven’t already read them)

    • Nourishing Traditions (Sally Fullon)
    • Nutrition and physical degeneration (Weston A Price)
    • Diet recovery (Matt Stone)
    • The Sprouted Kitchen Cookbook (Sara Forte)
    • Adi’s raw food kitchen and her raw dessert cookbook
    • books on natural homemade body or cleaning products
    • books on seasonal gardening

    That’s just a few ideas… do you have any other ideas or presents to add?

    Please add them below.

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