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    My parents have a property near some apple orchids, so last time dad went there he picked up a whole lot of apples and came around with a huge bag just for me and the man! Now, I quite like apples, but I’m not going to go through an entire shopping bag full unless I made something with them. Apple crumble was on my mind.apples

    My sister had a great apple crumble recipe from her high school cooking days that I always used, but I wanted to make it healthier. Her old school recipe used a combination of coconut, white flour, sugar and butter for the crumble. Given I no longer eat refined sugar and am trying to no longer eat white flour at home, I needed to adapt. So I replaced the flour with almond meal, sugar with honey and as I had not butter, replaced the butter with coconut oil. Yum! The results far outshone any expectations I had.apples and spices

    The crumble tasted like coconut macaroons, and the fresh apple had a delightful crunch. The pink apple skins also looked good next to the pale crumble top. We served this with a dollop of Greek yoghurt, a drizzle of honey and a dash of nutmeg. I thought I’d miss having custard or ice cream, but the yoghurt combination gave a nice tart contrast to the sweet apple crumble. I think it was better than any ice cream or custard and it looked beautiful! Unfortunately, I was too excited and ate it all before remembering I hadn’t taken a photo of it served up. But take my work on it, it looks so pretty and quite gourmet. Not bad for an easy dessert!crumble uncooked

    A bonus, is that a serve of this crumble is healthy enough to eat everyday for breakfast. One serve gives you apple, a serving of nuts and coconut, some yummy coconut oil (that will make you feel satisfied and full for longer) with only a tiny bit of honey for sweetener.cooked crumble

    But don’t take my word for it, try it out. Please. And send me a serve.


    Coconut Macaroon Apple crumble

    Serves 8 Adapted loosely from my sisters high school recipe


    6 apples (700g)

    1 1/2 cups almond meal (160g)

    1 1/2 cups desiccated coconut, unsweetened (130g)

    100g coconut oil (or butter, or other oil)

    1/2 cup honey (or maple syrup)

    Dash cinnamon and nutmeg


    1. Core and slice the apples, leaving the skins on. Place in a baking dish with a dash of cinnamon and nutmeg. I didn’t add any water as I like the apple somewhat firm once cooked, but you could add a spoonful or so to make the apples a bit softer.

    2. In a large bowl combine the remaining ingredients (with some more cinnamon and nutmeg if desired) until a crumb forms. It should almost be like a dough that doesn’t want to stay together.

    3. Sprinkle over the apples in the baking dish, making sure that all the apple is covered.

    4. Bake at 175ᵒC/ 350ᵒF for 25 minutes, or until the top is crunchy.

    5. Serve warm with plain greek yoghurt, a drizzle of honey and a dash of nutmeg.

    Notes and suggestions: You can easily make this dish ahead, either just prepare the dish or partially cook it. For reheating any leftovers—if there are any!—it needs to be done in the oven, or the top won’t be crispy.

    I also meant to try the crumble with some chopped macadamia in it for extra crunch. If you can’t have almonds, you could probably make the crumble with any nut meal. Let me know how it goes.

    Sorry there are no pictures of the crumble served up, it looked so pretty, but I ate it all before remebering to take a picture!

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