• About Me

    My Story: food, health and happiness

    My Early Days

    Growing up, neither of my parents really loved cooking. Home cooked meals were always put on the table, but it wasn’t out of passion. That said, the food was healthy, tasty and filling. To cap it off, it also meant that the parents would let me cook dinner anytime I wanted simply because it meant they wouldn’t have to. Now, I’ve come a long way since then, but my signature dish growing up was pasta with sauce (from a jar) and cheese. My family would eat it with a smile ten days straight if it meant that they didn’t have to cook anything. Plus they wanted to make sure they supported me throughout my early cooking adventures.

    Then I grew up, learnt a few different recipes and moved past meals of pasta and sauce. I loved cooking–my enthusiasm was only tempered by washing up.

    In 2010 I got married. Now instead of cooking by choice and by passion, I too was faced with cooking out of necessity day in day out. It lost some of its shine. Trying to juggle work, home, friends and family as well as put a good meal on the table was hard. Much harder than I expected. I’d make health-ish meals, but I’d save my enthusiasm for baking days: Christmas parties, work morning teas and birthdays. If I was going to cook, I wanted it to be worth the effort.

    However this triggered my sweet tooth, and subsequently my health suffered. I slowly put on a little weight and became quite lethargic. For at least six months felt like I was always sick and rundown, but never had any actual illness.

    My Turning Pointsteph

    Eventually my husband and I realised we needed to change our diet to improve our health. We decided to tackle this by making healthy treats, so we wouldn’t feel like we were missing out. It was the best decision we ever made.

    After a week or so, I’d done some research and decided that I needed to not just limit sugar intake, but to take refined sugar out of my diet entirely. Since then, I’ve been on a whirlwind adventure learning about wholefoods, paleo diets, raw food, going grain free and embracing healthy fats. I don’t follow any particular diet except going refined sugar free. Instead we are taking bits and pieces from everywhere and finding what suits us. I think this is the best approach for optimal health. I think it’s important to recognise that different people have different needs and that we need to listen to our bodies to find out what works for each individual. That said, I do think that there are some universal truths.

    It’s been a fast learning curve, but I don’t think we’ll be going back. We’re still new to this and learning as we go, but from what we’ve discovered so far, I’m too excited to just change my own diet, I want to share my discoveries and learn more from people just starting out on this way of eating or those who have been eating like this for years.

    My Kitchen Crowd

    I’ll be sharing more about our journey through my kitchen crowd including some of our favourite recipes and information about why they are good for you along with my general ramblings. I don’t claim to be an expert and I would love to learn new things from you. So please, let’s take this journey together and grow.

    My Philosophy

    1. Cooking and eating should be fun! If we don’t love it when we cook it, we won’t make it again and I won’t share it here.

    2. Everyday food should be easy! If it takes too long or is too complicated, I don’t have time to do it everyday.

    3. Food should be nourishing! Since starting on this journey I’ve been discovering just how much tastier nourishing food is, so why do I need the junk?


    You should cook what works for you. You should cook what you love.  I am going to share what  my husband and I love and what works for us. I’ll also try and include as many options and alternatives as possible so that you can use these recipes too. Every body is different, so listen and learn and share back with us.